Elevating Work Platforms (EWP)

Elevated work platforms (EWPs), also known as aerial work platforms (AWPs) are mechanical devices that are used to give access to areas that would previously be out of reach, mostly on buildings or building sites.

To the common man these platforms are generally associated with construction, industrial and other major building industries. However, companies such as Nifty – Lift has consistently proven that they also have use in various other fields.

For example, Nifty-Lift is able to supply the only high voltage insulated 9 metre working height elevating work platform in Australia. The NL90ST-HV provided by the company is ideal for contractors working on the National Broadband Network- with nearly 6 metres side reach, and able to be mounted on a car licence truck. The NL90ST-HV is perfect for tight city streets, as well as regional areas when mounted on a 4×4 cab chassis. Visit : https://vietnhat.net.vn/ban-nang-thuy-luc/ The optional suspension spring lockouts feature enables quick pole to pole works, without the need to deploy the stabilisers.

Increasingly, power authorities are insisting that contractors with an EWP capable of reaching near high voltage lines be high voltage insulated. Previously, other smaller mobile elevating work platforms manufacturers have only been available as non-Insulated or low voltage insulated, but Nifty-Lift engineers have risen to the challenge, with the NL90ST-HV.

EWP¬†manufacturing requires premier engineering skills which reputable companies can provide. Make sure you are talking to a company that is fully compliant with AS1418.10 (including the soon to be released revision), along with the ‘safety devices’ legislation. After all working at a height requires a lot of safety.

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