Is Your Dog at Risk For Potential Kidney Failure? The Importance of a Quality Dog Food Diet

Your dog’s potential for developing kidney failure or other serious illnesses is directly related to a quality dog food diet or the absence of one. With ongoing occurrences of dog food recalls, sick pets and unfortunately the deaths of many animals, the importance of feeding a quality dog food diet becomes clearer.

What exactly is kidney failure? The kidneys are organs that filter and clean the blood. They also return salts to the bloodstream and remove excess water from your dog’s urine. When your dog’s kidneys fail, they lose the ability to remove waste products from the blood. This leads to a buildup of toxins and the onset of kidney failure symptoms.

Symptoms can appear suddenly or gradually become apparent over a few months. Most incidents of of kidney failure occur over time and are the result of an ongoing disease but a sudden onset of kidney failure is more likely caused by a severe infectious disease or a poisoning.

Your dog’s kidneys can continue to function even with some serious tissue damage which is why symptoms are often slow to harness for dogs appear or become noticeable. Failure symptoms generally begin as a need for excessive water intake, frequent need to urinate and light colored urine. As the disease becomes more severe, it’s likely that you’ll actually see a decrease in urination, diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, weakness and fatigue. All are brought on by the increase of the toxins in the bloodstream.

So how do you prevent kidney disease in your own precious pooch. The answer is simple, only feed a quality food to your dog. Although kidney infection is caused by an ongoing infection or blockage in the urinary tract it can also be brought on by an injury or poisoning. Recurring infections are also a precursor to kidney failure.

By feeding a poor quality food that is highly processed with large amounts of fillers like corn, preservatives and chemicals, you are only aggravating an already existing condition. A poor quality dog food diet does not support your dog’s overall health and body functions. The inability of a poor food to support your dog’s kidney health can potentially lead to kidney failure.

Most dog foods are high in protein content and this protein breaks down into amino acids. Amino acids are used by your dog’s body to build and replace tissue cells. They also create urea which is a waste by-product. In a healthy dog, their kidneys and the process of urination would simply remove the urea from the blood. However, in a dog that is already suffering from kidney failure or damage, the urea will just build up in their bloodstream and literally poison your dog to death.

This is why it’s so important to begin feeding a quality diet as soon as possible. Because even though you can feed specific dog foods that are designed for dog’s suffering from kidney failure, they will not cure your dog once the disease has started. However, by beginning a quality dog food now, you will be giving your dog the valuable nutrition they need to fight kidney failure.

Obtaining Energy by the Annihilation

Getting energy, renewable, clean, friendly (not dangerous), cheaper, by annihilation. For example, the annihilation of an electron with an anti electron (positron). Electron and positron are obtained by extracting them from atoms; the extraction, consume a negligible amount of energy. Then, the two particles are brought near one another (collision). Occurs the phenomenon of annihilation, when the rest mass is converted totally into energy (gamma photons). Occur gamma photons, as many as needed to retrieve the total energy of the electron and positron (rest energy and kinetic energy); usually one can get two or three gamma particles (when we have a lower annihilation, ie two antiparticles with lower energy, each with a little beyond rest mass, ie the particles are accelerated at a low-speed motion), but we can get more particles when we have a high annihilation (ie when the particle energy is high and the particles were strongly accelerated before the collision).

Rest energy of an electron-positron pairs exceeds slightly 1 MeV (what is an extremely large energy from some as small particles, comparable energy with that achieved by the merger of two much larger particles, having rest mass of about 2000 times higher). Hence the first great advantage of the new method proposed, namely that if the most complex physical phenomenon so far tried to get inside the material energy (hot or cold fusion), draw only about a thousandth part of the rest mass of the particle, resulting in the fusion of two particles practically only the energy gap between energy particles being free and their energy when they are united, the proposed method to extract virtually all the internal energy of the particles annihilated. We started with the electron positron pair because these small particles are more easily extracted from the atoms (the atoms are then immediately regenerated naturally, which determines the nature of renewable energy from the annihilation of particles).

Next step is to test the annihilation between a proton and an antiproton, because their mass is about 1800 times higher than that of the electron and positron, resulting in their annihilation as an energy by about 1000 times higher, ie instead of 1 MeV, 1 GeV (is considered as the only real obtained energy, the energy donated by the proton of the hydrogen ion; but the energy of an antiproton is considered to be donated by us almost entirely, for now, because to obtain today an antiproton we must accelerate some particles at very high-energy and then collide them). So the real comparison must to be made between the deuterons fusion and annihilation process of a hydrogen ion (proton) with an antiproton. It will be a difference of energy of about 1000 times higher per pair of particles used, in favor of the annihilation process. Practically it realizes the dream of extracting energy from all the matter. Another great advantage of this method is that no radioactive substances energija and are not radioactive wastes from the process. From this process we obtain only gamma photons (ie energy) and possibly other energetic mini particles. The process does not pose any threat to humans and the environment. The energy produced is clean. The technology required is much simpler than nuclear (fission or fusion), cheaper and easier to maintain. Enough energy is given by the annihilation process (virtually unlimited), cheap, clean, safe, renewable immediately (sustainable), with technology made simple.

The Advent of Electronic Dictionaries in ESL/EFL Learning

Have you ever taught a class of ESL/EFL students who worship their dictionaries? Or had one of those days when the beeping sound of an electronic dictionary steals classroom attention for that one crucial moment during the lesson? To make matters worse, some of these dictionaries have ring tones and other unnecessary sound effects that amplify the distractions.

From the Students’ perspective

In countries like China and Japan where electronic dictionaries are increasingly popular among EFL students, a teacher soon notices that intermediate level English students quickly head for their dictionaries every time they come across new vocabulary. This is understandable because at the intermediate levels of ESL/EFL learning especially, students are always concerned about vocabulary development.

With the advent of highly portable electronic dictionaries the inconvenience of carrying cumbersome paperback dictionaries is almost non-existent; therefore teachers are seeing more electronic dictionaries in the classroom. These days it is not uncommon to have mobile phones with electronic dictionaries installed inside. Most of these dictionaries are equally equipped with speakers and earpieces. While this new technology is brilliant, it can also be very detrimental to students’ learning especially during lessons.

Furthermore, most ESL/EFL students carry dictionaries that simply translate words from English to their native language and vice-versa. They often think it is the fastest way to learn new vocabulary.

Students do not realize that learning new vocabulary by translating actually slows down the learning process. Of course translation is always an easy way out; but also the grammar and translation methods of learning ESL/EFL are not the fastest means of mastering new language inputs. Hence the tendency to “um…”, “uh…” and forget new words learnt by such means never leaves.

From a Teacher’s Perspective

For a teacher in the classroom, this can be frustrating. Most often, trying to get the students off their dictionaries frustrates the teacher even further, because they soon go back to the dictionary the next time they hear a new word. This might dampen a teacher’s confidence as it might suggest that students are attaching more importance to their dictionaries than to the teacher. It can also mean that students don’t have confidence in their teacher’s ability to explain new vocabulary. From another perspective this might be a pointer to the fact that the teacher needs to teach the students more vocabulary acquisition skills.

Generally speaking, dictionaries should be the last point of reference for new words and expressions. We should always remember that 70-80% of all language can be communicated non-verbally. Figuring out meaning in a more contextual set up is more effective in learning and teaching of new language. 부천오피 Looking up the meaning of a new word should be a very brief and less frequent activity. Teachers should try to get students to explain new vocabulary in their own words after having explained the new word to them.
Teaching students other non-dictionary vocabulary learning methods would greatly help. So what are some non-dictionary ways of learning new vocabulary? To begin answering that question we need to look at advantages and disadvantages of dictionaries in ESL/EFL learning.

Is Amazon a Good Solution

After facing the fact that I need a faster hosting provider, I finally decided to try out some of Amazon’s hosting products. Amazon has so many web services that it can be a little daunting to get started with them, but I decided to give it a go.

The first thing that I looked for was the ability to host WordPress websites. After a little research, I found that Amazon had just introduced a program for WordPress. Using their new “LightSail” product, I discovered that it was actually pretty straight forward to configure and load up WordPress. There are several other popular CMS apps as well, such as Drupal and Joomla. If you are interested in an e-Commerce solution, Magento is also supported.

Lightsail is not for large deployments, but it’s pretty darn easy for smaller requirements. In a nutshell, you sign up, put in your eBay Amazon Accounts domain name, set up WordPress, set up your DNS zones, map the static ip address that’s assigned to you, and it launches.

When you go to launch one of the apps, Amazon refers to them as “instances”. You would select the instance that you are interested in (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and follow the step-by-step directions.

1. The first thing is to name your instance. If you don’t name it, Lightsail will create a name for you. Amazon works in zones, and in my case, it’s usually Virginia. You can change the zone if you like, but I’ve found it’s better just to leave it at the default zone.

2. You will also pick your instance plan, which is the monthly fee that suits your requirements.

3. You can also run other various scrips and choose either the default SSH key pair or change the key pair. As above, I always stick with the default.

4. Then click create. It takes a couple of minutes and then a page comes up with a public ip address and a username to connect to the instance. You will need your private key from your Amazon account, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.

5. Bitnami is used to connect to the new site. But after, you’ve loaded WordPress, you login exactly the same way with every other hosting company. Bitnami is pretty intuitive and doesn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes to learn how to navigate around.

There is also some project guides and videos as well to help with the install. According to the WordPress project guide there is only 5 steps, but in reality, it’s more like 8 steps.

I loaded this up a few weeks ago, so I haven’t had time to fully build it out, but I had no problems loading the theme. I’m also using an AWS plugin (free) that will copy any media files to Amazon S3 and serve from S3 Cloudfront. Hopefully, this will cut down on load times for my pages.

เทคนิคการเล่นรูเล็ต ฉบับที่คุณอาจไม่เคยรู้มาก่อน

หากคุณ คือ นักเล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์ตัวยงและต้องการเล่น รูเล็ต เกมแห่งความน่าจะเป็น ซึ่งเป็นเกมที่เล่นได้แบบ สูง-กลาง-ต่ำ ซึ่งเรามีเทคนิคการเล่นรูเล็ตแบบที่คุณอาจไม่เคยรู้มาก่อน นั่นก็คือ เลี่ยงการวางชิพแบบไร้ประโยชน์ ซึ่งอาจจะทำให้คุณสับสนเรื่องตัวเลขและเสียเวลา ในบางครั้งคุณอาจจะพยายามปรับบาลานซ์ตัวเลขแต่ละส่วน แต่การวางชิพนั้นกลับไม่ก่อให้เกิดกำไรเพิ่ม แต่กลับทำให้ตัวเลขการแทงโดยรวมสูงขึ้น แต่ผลกำไรกลับนิดเดียว อาจจะทำให้คุณไขว้เขวได้ เช่น คุณอาจจะต้องการวางชิพในส่วนตรงกลาง 2nd 12 เพิ่มเพื่อลดยอดการสูญเสีย โดยคุณแทงแบบเล่นทีละ 12 ช่องผลตอบแทน 3 เท่า ซึ่งถ้าคุณแทงแบบนี้ในอีก 2 ช่องอยู่แล้ว ผลก็คือ ชิพทั้ง 3 ช่องจะหักล้างกันเองจนไม่มีกำไร เพราะคุณใช้ไป 3 ชิพ 3 เซตแล้วได้รับเงินกลับมา 3 เท่า ซึ่งเท่ากับจำนวนที่คุณได้แทงไป ฉะนั้นควรประเมินหาจุดวางที่เน้นเฉพาะจริงๆ เท่านั้น หรือกรณีอื่นๆ เช่นคุณแบ่งเล่น 6 ตัวเลข 1-6 กับ 7-12 โดยเล่นแบบ 6 เท่า สมมุติคุณวางอย่างละ 1 ชิพ ถ้าหากผลออก 1-6 หรือ 7-12 คุณจะได้กลับมา 6 เท่า แต่อันที่จริงแล้วถ้าคุณวางเล่นแบบเซต 12 ตัวเลข ผลตอบแทน 3 เท่า ถ้าคุณวางลงไป 2 ชิพเท่าที่แทงตะกี้ ก็จะได้คืนกลับมาเท่ากับ 2×3 หรือ 6 เท่าเช่นกัน ฉะนั้นการกระจายบางกรณีอาจไม่มีผล การแทง 3 เลขในคอลัมน์เดียวกันได้ 12 เท่า แต่ไปวางครบทั้ง 4 เซต ก็ได้เท่ากับแทง 12 เลข 3 เท่าด้วยชิพ 4 ชิพ

การจัดรูปแบบการวางชิพเสร็จ จึงค่อยเพิ่มมูลค่าชิพ เมื่อคุณใช้ชิพขั้นต่ำ วางจัดรูปแบบเรียบร้อยแล้ว หลังจากที่คุณทดสอบว่าเป็นรูปแบบที่ทำกำไร หลังจากนั้นคุณจึงค่อยปรับทุกชิพทั้งหมดเป็นชิพเดียวกัน ซึ่งจะเป็นการเพิ่มจำนวนกำไรในแต่ละตาขึ้นโดยไม่เสียสมดุลกำไรขาดทุนระหว่างแต่ละส่วน สิ่งสำคัญคือคุณต้องมั่นใจแล้วว่าแผนดังกล่าวมีโอกาสได้มากกว่าเสียแน่ๆ จึงค่อยทำตามวิธีนี้

ไม่จำเป็นต้องเล่นทุกตา หากคุณต้องการลดการสูญเสียจากเซตกลาง คุณสามารถรอให้ออกช่องเซตกลางก่อน 1 ตาแล้วค่อยแทงก็ได้ แต่ถ้าตาถัดไปยังออกเซตกลางอีก ตาที่ 3 คุณสามารถเพิ่มจำนวนยอดให้สูงขึ้น แต่ก็ต้องเผื่อจะมีตาที่ 4 อีกด้วยเช่นกัน ควรดูทุนว่าพอหรือไม่ ข้อควรระวังคือ การดับเบิ้ลยอดจากของเดิมไม่ได้แปลว่าจะคืนทุนตาที่ผ่านๆมา สาเหตุเพราะว่าเราแทงแบบหลายช่อง แต่เวลาได้กำไรจะเกิดจากช่องที่ออกจริงๆ เท่านั้น


ใครหลายคนที่กำลังมองหาโอกาสในการสร้างรายได้หรือสร้างอาชีพที่ 2 เพิ่มเติมจากงานหลักที่คุณทำอยู่ แต่ยังไม่รู้ว่าจะเริ่มกับอะไรดีสิ่งที่หลายคนกำลังมองหาในตอนนี้แน่นอนว่าไม่ว่าจะเป็นการเปิดร้านการขายของออนไลน์ หลายคนกำลังเลือกมองเพิ่มขึ้นอีกอย่างคือการลงทุนหุ้นหรือการเล่นหุ้นนั่นเอง เพราะเป็นการเอาเงินไปลงทุนที่จะสามารถสร้างผลกำไรได้แบบมหาศาล และในระยะยาว อาจจะทำได้ถึงขั้น มีอิสรภาพทางการเงินเลยก็ได้ แต่ไลค์คนอีกเช่นกันก็ยังคงลังเลใจ ว่าจะลงทุนเล่นหุ้นหรือเล่นพนันออนไลน์ดีกว่ากัน ซึ่งในที่นี้คุณมาถูกที่แล้ว ถ้าหากคุณกำลังสงสัยและหาข้อมูลเรื่องการเล่นหุ้นมาบ้างแล้วคุณจะพอทราบดีว่ามันเป็นการลงทุนที่มีความเสี่ยงมาก แล้วคุณต้องรู้ถึงปัจจัยแวดล้อมต่างๆที่จะมีผลทำให้หุ้นขึ้นหุ้นลงและการตัดสินใจก็เป็นสิ่งสำคัญที่จะทำให้คุณสามารถยืนอยู่ต่อได้ เลย ลบหมากล้างกระดาน จะล่มจมไปเลยก็ได้อีกเช่นกัน  แต่ในส่วนของการเล่นพนันออนไลน์แม้ว่าจะมีข้อเสียคือเรื่องของความเสี่ยง แต่ก็มีข้อดีมากมายเมื่อเปรียบเทียบแล้วเป็นการลงทุน เช่นเดียวกันแต่ความเสี่ยงน้อยกว่า และมีข้อดีอื่นๆอีกได้แก่


  • การพนันออนไลน์ มีหลากหลายรูปแบบให้คุณเลือกเล่น ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการเล่นเกมในคาสิโนออนไลน์ ซึ่งมีรูปแบบของเกมหลายร้อยเกม แต่ละเกมคุณสามารถหาวิธีการเล่นได้ไม่ยาก สระคู่มือและบทความที่เราได้เตรียมเอาไว้เป็นการรวบรวมความรู้ตั้งแต่พื้นฐานไปจนถึงการเล่นที่จะช่วยให้คุณทำงานได้ง่ายขึ้น
  • การแทงบอลออนไลน์เป็นหนึ่งในกีฬาออนไลน์ที่ได้รับความนิยม ชุดนอกจากนี้ยังมีกีฬาประเภทอื่นๆไม่ว่าจะเป็นบาสเกตบอลเบสบอลมวยไทยไก่ชนที่คุณสามารถเข้ามาเลือกเล่นได้ตามความชอบและความถนัดเพื่อทำเงินได้ตลอด 24 ชั่วโมง
  • ในส่วนของการแทงบอลออนไลน์ยังมีหลากหลายรูปแบบให้เลือกเล่น คุณจึงสามารถวางแผนการเล่นและเลือกในสิ่งที่คิดว่าจะทำเงินให้คุณได้มากที่สุด
  • การลงทุนกับการแทงบอลหรือการเล่นเกมในคาสิโนออนไลน์ ใช้เงินลงทุนน้อยเมื่อเปรียบเทียบกับการเล่นหุ้น การลงทุนแทงบอลเริ่มต้นขั้นต่ำ น้อยที่สุดเพียงแค่ 10 บาทเท่านั้นบางเว็บ 20 บาท ในบางเกมที่คุณสามารถเลือกเล่นได้แน่นอนว่าการลงทุนหลักสิบ เป็นการลงทุนที่จะช่วยทำให้คุณมีรายได้หลักหมื่นหลักแสนได้ไม่ยาก ถ้าหากคุณเข้ามาเรียนรู้อย่างจริงจัง ที่สำคัญคือคุณเป็นคนตัดสินใจเลือกที่จะเล่นหรือไม่เล่นหรือลงทุนเท่าไหร่ก็ได้ตามที่คุณต้องการ ดังนั้นความเสี่ยงที่จะเกิดขึ้นจากการเล่นพนันออนไลน์ มากที่สุด ก็อยู่แค่หลักพันเท่านั้น


Online Betting Strategies

There are so many different ways you can bet online. You can place bets before the season starts, during the season and even in the playoffs. Each can be very exciting and offer a different challenge.

Betting before the season starts is called futures betting. This is when you bet on events that will transpire over the next few months. You can bet on both teams and individuals. The most common futures betting is selecting who you think will win a division, a conference and a league championship. This is an example of team betting.

Individual betting offers a completely different betting technique. This is where 메이저사이트 you bet how you think a certain player will fare during the season. For the NBA, you can pick who you think will lead the league in points, rebounds and assists. You can also try to predict who you think will be the league’s most valuable player and rookie of the year.

During the season, you can bet on individual games. You can bet on which team you think will win a game or cover the spread. You can also bet on the total amount of points scored by both teams during the game. After the season, you can bet on playoff action. You can bet who you think will win a series, conference and championship as well as betting on the individual games.

The key to being a successful sports bettor is getting a great betting advice. The best place to find this is online. There are thousands of people that love to give advice and finding the best advice can make anyone a winner, even someone that doesn’t know anything about betting.


Succeeding in Business With a Serviced Office

Today’s business world is now more competitive than ever and in order to succeed, it is essential for a business to have everything they need at their disposal for a productive and effective work environment. Businesses that are just starting out as well as those that are poised for expansion would do well to consider a serviced office.

Succeeding in business today often requires having a registered business address. While many businesses today are choosing to compete online, a registered physical business address remains an essential. For many small and emerging businesses the cost of renting a traditional office space is often prohibitive. This can often limit the growth potential for even the best planned businesses. Serviced offices present the opportunity to take advantage of an affordable business address within the most prestigious business district.

While the effort to locate an affordable and exclusive office to rent might sound time-consuming and somewhat challenging for a business owner who certainly has other tasks to focus on, a serviced office option makes it simple and fast. There are a number of office space options to choose from in excellent locations.

These offices provide the benefit of a completely furnished office space. Not only can you benefit from a prestigious Central Business District address, but your office will also come complete with reception and administrative staff solutions as well as boardrooms and client meeting spaces. There is also the added benefit of all other support services you may require from time to time. The offices are always fully managed to ensure you have the time necessary to attend to the task of growing your business.

As any business owner knows, business simply cannot be carried out today without the presence of a high-tech infrastructure. With a serviced office, you gain the competitive advantage of having all of the Internet and telecom facilities you need readily available at your disposal. As everything is already in place, there are no worries regarding down-time. You are able to move into your office right away and go to work without spending time on setting up furniture, equipment or hiring administrative staff.

Not ready to make a long-term commitment or lease yet? With a serviced office to rent, you do not need to make a long-term commitment. Lease terms for traditional office spaces typically involve commitments of up to three years you can often rent an office with just a three month commitment. This is typically ideal for businesses that are just starting out or even for existing businesses that simply are uncertain regarding their long-range plans. Whatever your plans may be for your business you will be able to respond quickly and easily to changes with flexible terms for your lease.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a registered office is that they are cost-effective. While one might initially think that such amenities and services would carry a high price, it is actually quite cost-effective, especially when all of the inclusions are taken into consideration. For the value as well as the benefits, a serviced office is the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Casino Affiliate Programs

The next thing to do is to analyze the casino affiliate program itself. A very common mistake is to assume that the program will be able to pay you (as an affiliate) in any payment method as you please. While most casino affiliate programs do host a vast range of payment options like bank wire, Neteller, Moneybookers etc, it does happen that even some of the best ones can pay you by check only for instance. Also, which should be noted, very few casino affiliate programs will pay you by PayPal, a payment processor that is widely used as a payment option in more mainstream affiliate programs.

When you are satisfied with the fact that the casino is quite popular, and that the program actually can pay you, it is time for a crucial decision and that is what revenue model you should choose. Many casino affiliate programs will Situs Judi Online require you to decide on how your commissions will be calculated, and there can be many variants on this. In general though, the casino will let you choose from earning commissions by revenue share (%) or on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis.

When choosing the revenue share model, the affiliate will typically receive a percentage share (%) of the overall revenue that the recruited players generate – usually around 25%-50% for as long as the player stays active with the casino and plays there. The CPA-model is a one time bounty which will be paid out only once and that is when the player plays at the casino, with real money, for the very first time.

Whatever model you choose is really a matter of taste and preference. A CPA-deal can generate some great cash very quickly, however, if you´re looking to build a casino affiliate business for the long-term, a revenue share model may be preferred. A typical CPA-bounty is usually around $100-$200 USD per player recruited, however, the average casino player yields about $50-$70 USD in revenue per month. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may recruit a high-roller to the casino which can generate large profits for months or even years. Again though, it is all down to your very own preferences.

By the time you have chosen your desired revenue model you have most likely already signed up with the casino affiliate program in question. Having this said, do not start promoting the casino games or any casino websites in the program until you’ve had a good look at the marketing materials being offered. This is the cream and butter of every casino affiliate program and what is actually going to recruit new customers for you. If the marketing materials (i e banners, text links, multimedia etc) are poor, you will find it difficult to find new players. This rarely is a problem though since most casino affiliate programs really outperforms in this area, both in variety and in numbers.

Each marketing material will have your unique affiliate link bedded or available for you to copy and paste. This means that whenever someone clicks on a marketing material, a banner for instance, that you have posted elsewhere on the internet, you will be credited if that person signs up to the casino and starts playing. The rest is all up to plain internet marketing really, and there are many articles and websites on this topic available on the internet already.

On a final note, it has to be said that casino affiliate marketing can be a little bit tougher than marketing traditional products or services. The reason for this is that the online gambling industry is quite competitive, but again, this has to do with the immense rewards that can be reaped in comparison to traditional affiliate marketing. The bottom line is, as a casino affiliate, you have the possibility to make much, much more money!


Office Cleaning Companies – Counting The Cost Of Office Cleaning In This Economic Climate

The pressure from customers to reduce costs is greater than ever due to the current economic climate. Many companies are now reviewing overheads across their business and looking to see where savings can be made. In terms of office cleaning, reduced budgets will ultimately lead to a lower level of service, so it’s about taking a logical, common sense approach that balances savings opportunities against critical business needs.

Reducing the frequency of the office cleaning operation offers immediate cost savings, with some companies switching from a daily service to alternate days. However, some businesses have taken more extreme measures, which in my opinion is a mistake. For example, if a company is to introduce a deep clean just one day a week and then rely on its staff to maintain the cleanliness of the building for the remainder of the week, this will not only distract employees from their day-to-day roles, but also result in much poorer working conditions by the end of each week. empresa limpeza

Careful Planning
Better planning offers a more effective alternative to simply reducing office cleaning across a business. One of the simplest ways of reducing costs is taking a close look at the overall office cleaning operation to focus resources to make the most of budgets. By classifying areas as either high or low profile it is possible to adapt the office cleaning regime to concentrate on critical requirements.

Typically, areas such as the office reception, entrance, washroom, meeting rooms and boardroom are seen as high profile, whilst back office and administrative spaces are seen as low profile. Mind you there is still a fine balance, because cutting back too much on low profile areas can damage the working environment for office staff and have an adverse impact on workforce motivation.

Therefore, companies need to undertake a range of initiatives to effectively remove costs from an office cleaning operation without incurring damaging side affects. Intelligent office cleaning is a way of understanding the needs of an operation to reduce the required hours through better scheduling.

If a meeting room is often only used on certain days of the week does it need to be cleaned on a daily basis? Could it instead be cleaned every other day or only when it has been in use. With some clever thinking it is possible to streamline an office cleaning operation without impacting on levels of cleanliness, which ultimately removes additional costs.

Daytime Approach
Switching to daytime office cleaning offers a host of business and operational benefits including reduced costs, increased productivity and enhanced customer care. Additionally, reducing a building’s opening hours, for example from 5am-9pm to 8am-7pm, will enable it to be locked down for longer periods, offering reductions in operational costs such as heating, air conditioning and security.

Also, there is often a change in customer and staff perception when adopting daytime cleaning. The Increase in the visibility of office cleaning staff raises the overall awareness of the process, highlighting its importance and demonstrating the commitment to high standards. Building occupants tend to show more respect towards office cleaning staff when they see them working hard to keep the building clean, so greater care is often taken by staff and visitors as a result.

Having office cleaning staff available during a building’s opening hours ensures a consistent level of cleanliness throughout the day. With a traditional service, a building is likely to be clean at the beginning of the day and then standards gradually deteriorate until office cleaning staff return the following evening or morning.

Daytime cleaning offers new levels of flexibility and the opportunity to respond to any situation. Office cleaning schedules can be adapted to better meet the needs of customers whether this is identifying operational peaks, or arranging job allocations based on the planned usage of meeting rooms. Moreover, it enables an immediate response in the case of unforeseen accidents and spillages, minimising the required clean up time and promoting a clean and hygienic working atmosphere.

Workplace Hygiene
The swine flu epidemic has brought hygiene to the forefront of people’s minds, with companies and employees alike looking at ways of minimising the spread of the disease. What it has highlighted is the ongoing need for proper hygiene within the working environment to protect staff’s health from dirty and germ-ridden surfaces and equipment. Therefore, any changes to an office cleaning schedule need to take into consideration employee welfare and the implications of any reduced levels of hygiene.

The cost of absenteeism to UK companies is considerable, with 11 billion lost each year due to sickness, and this figure is likely to have been even greater over the past twelve months. A large percentage of that is due to bacteria and germs being picked up by people in the workplace.

Desks and office equipment are in fact a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. For example, a toilet seat has on average 47 microbes per square inch compared to a telephone that has around 25,000 and a keyboard with 3,300. This is hardly surprising when you consider that toilets are cleaned regularly, but most people don’t think about their office desk and the equipment on it. As a result, there can be up to 10 million bacteria on the typical desk, and this can include Ecoli, MRSA Winter Vomiting bugs and now of course Swine Flu.

Regular sanitising of IT equipment and hard surfaces is a must to reduce the spread of bugs, viruses and diseases. Also, taking time to educate employees about the personal and business risks will encourage better personal hygiene and working practices.

Waste Management
Recycling is now an important consideration for all companies who are under legislative, corporate and social pressure to reduce the impact their operation has on the environment and wider community. Therefore, there is an opportunity to take an integrated approach with the office cleaning operation to adopt effective waste management procedures to keep time and cost pressures to a minimum.

Over the past few years, the cost of dumping rubbish at landfill sites has been increasing 25 per cent annually, and this is unlikely to change moving forward. Therefore, there are wider cost savings available for those businesses that can achieve high levels of recycling. Companies can also receive money back for waste paper, so this represents an added kick back.

By integrating waste management with an existing office cleaning operation, companies can benefit from added value resulting from efficient waste segregation and better-managed processes to make significant time and cost savings. It is possible to tap into the expertise of office cleaning companies to increase levels of recycled office and operational waste including paper, confidential paper, ink cartridges and food waste.

Outsourcing And A Partnership Approach
Some companies may consider that they can reduce costs by taking their office cleaning operation back in-house. However, organisations should not underestimate the knowledge and expertise possessed by office cleaning companies and the ability this provides to focus on core activity.

Most office cleaning companies will have access to specialist cleaning equipment that offers added efficiency benefits. Battery powered, low noise vacuum cleaners are essential for daytime cleaning operations, whilst microfiber cloths not only reduce cleaning time and improve results, but also minimise the use of polish and other cleaning agents.

There are also many hidden costs associated with in-house office cleaning operations. For example, companies will need to organise appropriate training for internal office cleaning staff and also take into consideration holiday cover. Furthermore, companies will not have the same buying power as office cleaning companies, so equipment and cleaning product costs will also be higher as a result.

Office cleaning companies often widen opportunities to benefit from a multi-service solution. Many office cleaning companies are either part of a larger group or have partners in place to deliver an integrated service offering. Therefore, companies can access a wide range of complementary services to help achieve additional cost savings.

Simply slashing office cleaning budgets is not necessarily the most effective means of lowering overheads, so it is worth taking a step back and considering all the options available and what issues need to be considered. What is important is that whatever steps are taken do not negatively impact on a business’ core activity.

Initial Facilities Services, a division of business services company Rentokil Initial, provides office cleaning companies, facilities management, hospital and catering services for organisations of all sizes and in all business sectors throughout the UK. Initial Facilities Services’ flexible approach is designed to meet the precise needs of its customers whether they need single or multiple services, an integrated solution or full facilities management.

Initial Facilities Services comprises a range of complementary and market-leading businesses including Initial Cleaning Services, Initial Retail Cleaning, Lancaster Cleaning and Support Services, Initial Specialist Services, Initial Window Cleaning, Autograph Foodservice, Eden Foodservice, Initial Hospital Services and Insitu Services.

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