cropped-WM2A4168-606-1.jpgNowadays, most things seem to get more simple and people are demanding more simplicity in everything they do.  Things are getting more user friendly and less is more is our mentality.

This also is becoming more and more important for our websites.  Sleek, stylish and easy to navigate.  No one wants to spend minutes or even hours looking through pages of content to find what they are looking for.

Here are some tips to get you there:

  1.  Focus only on the essentials – This is your time to showcase the most important parts of your website.  The reader should not have to continue to scroll down the page to find what they are looking for or find out what your website is all about.  This also comes important with content.  Many people try to shove content into their site for key words for search engines, but it only frustrates your readers to have to go through paragraph after paragraph of additional content.
  2. Have the majority of your content above the fold – What do I mean by that?  Well, studies have shown that most people will spend most of their time on the web above the fold (they don’t want to scroll down).  It is very important to sell your business to the customer without them having to scroll.  You can do this by creating a call-to-action in that area, a video, etc.
  3. Limit the color – Having too much color can distract the reader, and make the site look too crowded. Using only two to three colors will give you a subtle look and will really show off your brand.  After all, you are trying to sell yourself, not all the color on your website.
  4. Design all of your pages as if they were a landing page – This means that you should continue to keep the simple color schemes, keep the most important data above the fold, and focus on the essentials.
  5. Limit flashing lights, ads, and moving objects on your website – There was a time where flash was on every website and people got a little crazy with it.  Make sure you are not distracting your customer’s with ads, flashing lights, etc.  Keep it simple and clean.  Your customer’s will thank you.

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